A Fairy Sighting

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An extract from Until I was Seventeen by Emilie Gallie.

"When we were ill, our father often told us stories. One ghost story he had which we were never tired of hearing. It happened to his brother and himself when young men. They were sent on an errand to the town of Tain which was a few miles from their Highland farm. (They must have been living at Edderton at this time.) Their way lay along a road that was bounded on one side by the Dornoch Firth, and on the other by a low common, which stretched for miles. It was dusk and my father drove the gig. Looking ahead, he beheld a chain of young girls dancing hand in hand along the road. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that they did not deceive him because it appeared curious that the girls should be there and at that hour. Uneasy in his mind, he said nothing to his brother and as they approached the spot, the girls disappeared. Where to he could not imagine, for there was nowhere for them to go. Years afterwards the brother who had been with him on that occasion, asked him, in rather a strained manner, if on that drive he had seen anything. ‘Yes’ answered my father, ‘a string of girls dancing across the road.’ ‘I also saw them’ said his brother. And no more passed between them on the subject.”