Prince Henry of Prussia at the Pub in Nigg

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A short story from our Fun Friday Facebook articles.

In 1891 when the fleet was based in Invergordon, some young cadets were out at sea in a small boat. A strong wind got up and the boat capsized. One of the young men swam towards Nigg and eventually crawled up the beach. He made his way to Dunskaith House to ask for dry clothes and sustenance. They turned him away because of his bedraggled state. However, a family called Ross at the Ferry Inn took him in and cared for him. Sometime later, Mrs Ross was sent a signed photograph of an officer in uniform, to commemorate her kindness. The young man she had helped was Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the Kaiser, and grandson of Queen Victoria! On the back, it says Prince Henry stayed at the Inn for 3 hours on 27th May 1891.