‘The Fendom Flyer’

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An anecdote, from the late Forbie Urquhart, on how John Mackenzie earned the nickname “Flyer”.

"All sorts of antics would take place during the carnivals. One in particular I remember was of John Mackenzie, plumber and fire master, dressed up as a fairy, and entered into the fancy-dress competition as the “Fendom Flyer”. He had fixed an endless rope from the top of the town clock down to one of the pillars at the entrance to the Royal Hotel. When his name was announced as first prize winner, he ’flew’ down on a pulley coming to rest safely in front of the Carnival Queen, climbed the steps to receive his prize, stepped back, missed the step and fell, receiving great applause from all present. What they didn’t realise until the following day, was that he had broken his ankle! Incidentally, from that occasion onwards he was known as “Flyer” as was his son, Malcolm, in true Tain fashion."