The Earl of Ross returns North 1303.

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A document from the English Exchequer detailing the journey and expenses of the Earl of Ross as he returned to Scotland after years of being a prisoner of King Edward I of England.

1303. Sept. 29.

Orders by Sir John de Drokenesford and others of the council; that the following persons escort and guard the Earl of Ross till he joins the King in Scotland.

                                                                                                                    Horses.                            Grooms. 

Sir Francis le Vylers, and Hugh le Rous his esquire;               3                                       3

William de Whetelay, clerk;                                                                  1                                       1

Nichol of Chilham,                                                                                   2                                       2

Elys Skarlet and Elys his son,                                                             3                                       3

William of Tuddeham,                                                                             2                                       2

Reynald Lumbard, marshal.                                                                 2                                       2

Master John le Sausser of London, cook,                                      1                                       1

Also for the Earl,  2 palfreys,  2 sumpter horses, and 4 grooms.

Sir Francis and William de Whetelay and two of the King's sergeants shall lie nightly in the earl's chamber and four of the King's sergeants outside with the other company. At each town, where the earl rests at night, he shall have fire and light in his chamber. Two horse and two footmen shall keep watch all night in his chamber, and 6 of the townsmen outside. No man is to be harboured in the earl's house, save only his escort. The following are appointed by the sheriffs and mayor of London to join the earl's escort as far as Berwick, viz., Thomas Attewelle 'sergaunt a mace,' 1 horse and 1 groom; John le Cotiller, William his brother, of London, 2 horses and 2 grooms; John of Lonsdale, and Adam of Blaksale, 2 horses and 2 grooms; Walter of Henelay, 1 horse and 1 groom. Ordered; that these people's 'hostel' be kept at the King's cost till they reach him in Scotland with the earl, and their horses have hay and oats; also that the 'Londoners' return from Berwick. 

Total of 'gentilz houmz,' 16 ; grooms, 24 ; horses, 24.

Sept29-Oct22 1303

Account of the expenses of the Earl of Rosse from London to join the K. in Scotland, with his retinue and horses, as in schedule attached, at the close of the 31st year. 

London, Sunday, 29th September: — Shoeing the earl's four horses, 2d; four grooms' wages, 6d; William de Whitelay arranging the retinue, harness, and others, 12d. Making 20 lb. wax into torches and candles, 10d. Total, 3s.4d. 

London, Monday, 30th: — The earl started, reaching St Alban's same day. Wastells for soup. 1d; young pigeons for a roast, 3d. ; [much mutilated here ;] horse provender, 1 QR. 4 bushels oats, 3s. Total, 12s. 7d. 

Dunstaple, Tuesday, 1st October: — Bread for breakfast there, 8d; three flagons of wine, 12d. ; beer, 6d; butcher meat, 6d; 6 hens, 9d; larks. 1d; almonds, 2d; herrings, 1d; hay for horses, 6d; bread for them, '1d. ; shoeing, 6d 

Newport-Paignel, same day: — Bread, 8d; wine, 8d; beer, 15d; butcher meat, 4d; poultry, 5,1/2d; young pigeons, 5d; 100 eggs, 4,1/2d. ; herrings, 1d; eels and pikerells, 20d; 'mustard' for store, 4d; 'vergus,' 2d; ' gingibo,' 3d; hay for 24 horses, 12d; 1qr. 4 bushels oats, 3s. ; lard for the 'crasset,' l,1/2d; hiring beds, 2d. Total, 16s. 5d. 

Northampton, Wednesday, 2nd October: — 2lb. candles, 2d. ; salt, 1d. ; eggs and milk for soup, 3d. ; 100 herrings, 12d. ; [hay and oats ut supra ;] bran for a sick palfrey, 1d; litter for beds and horses, 15d; mending and filling new saddles for the earl's palfreys and sumpters, 8d; hire of beds, 2d. ; mending the fur of the earl's cape. Id. Total, 17s. 6,1/2d 

Suleby, Thursday, 3rd October: — Hay by gift of the Abbot of . . . ., also litter [oats and hire of beds as before]. Total, 9s. 5d. 

Leicester, Friday, 4th October: — Herrings, 8(lampreys, 12d.; eels,6d. [horse provender, litter, and hire of beds as before, and repeated through the account]. Total, 13s. 4d. 

Nottingham, Saturday, 5th October: — Tloundres,' 'roches,' and eels,14d; shaving and washing for the earl, 6d. Total, 15s. 10,1/2d. 

Blyth, Sunday, 6th October: — Bread for breakfast at Allerton, 10d.; 5 partridges, 10d; baking them, 2d. Total, 16s. 1/2d. 

Shireburne, Monday, 7th October: — Bread for breakfast at Wentbrug, 10d. ; herrings and cheese for those 'hungry,' 1d; hay and bread for the horses at Doncaster and Wentbrug, 11d. ; pears. 1d; hire of a hackney for the earl's harness from Blyth to Shireburne, 

York, Tuesday, 8th October: — 2 flagons of white wine, 10d. ; red wine, 8d; 4 geese, 15d; lampreys, 2d.{1); ' roches and perchiis,' 6,1/2d. Total, 18s. 6,1/2d

York, Wednesday, 9th October: — 60 'fresh' herrings, 8d; 'haddoks and codelyngs,' 16d; eels, 8d; 'roches and darsis,' 7d; butcher meat for Sir Francis, 2d. ' Unyuns, 1/2d; fur for the coverlid of the earl's bed, 6d. ; mending the coffer of candles, 1/2d. Total, 19s. 3,1/2d.

York, Thursday, 10th October: — Swine's flesh, 7d. mutton. 1d; four geese, 14d; and baking them, 2d. ; hiring dishes for the kitchen, 3d. Total, 15l. 0s. 2,1/2d.

York, Friday, 11th October: — Apples and pears, 2d.; white peas for soup, 2d. ; almonds. 1d., salmon, 12d. ; lampreys, 6d; 'alle  and 'unyuns' for store, 4d. Total, 12s. 3,1/2d. 

North Allerton, Saturday, 12th October: — Bread for breakfast at Thirsk, 6d. ; making ' sauf napior,' 2d., freshwater fish, 2s. ; the earl's washing, 6d. Total, 15s. 10,1/2d. 

Durham, Sunday, 13th October: — Young pigeons for breakfast and dinner, 9d; larks, 2d. ; bread and hay for 24 horses on the road at Darlington, 8d; ferrying the earl's horses and baggage at Nesham across the Tees, 3,1/2d Total, 12s. 4,1/2d. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Monday, 14th October: — Mending the earl's hood and furs, 1d. ; a 'hulcia ' for his palfrey, 16d Total, 15s. 8d.

Morpeth, Tuesday, 15th October: — A hood for the earl's palfrey, 1,1/2d Total, 16s. 8, 3/4d. 

Bamburgh, Wednesday, 16th October:— Bread and hay for the horses at Alnewick on the road. Id. Total, 11s.10,1/2d.

Berwick, Thursday, 17th October: — Carrying the earl's baggage from the water of Tweed to the castle, 3d. ; ferrying across Tweed, 2d. Total, 15s. 8d. 



Thursday, 10th October: ---The King commands the constable of Berwick castle (pictured) to receive William Earl of Ross, whom Nicholas de Chilham, William de Tudenham, and Reginald le Lumbard, the K.'s valets in charge, will deliver to him, and assign the earl, his men, and these valets, competent chambers and houses within the castle. Kynlos. [Close], 31 Edw. I,m.2.

Friday, 18th October: --- Thomas 'atte Welle' and all the other Londoners and John the candle bearer, with six horses and six grooms, returned to London. 

The earl and the others remained at Berwick for five days longer, till 22nd October, when the account ends. 

Photograph of Berwick Castle by Graham Robson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.