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Free Church Masonic Ceremony

An article from the John o' Groat Journal describes the masonic ceremony carried out while laying the foundation stone of the old Free Church in Tain in late August of 1843.

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A paper read by Mr Hugh Miller on a series of remains from certain ploughed lands long buried under the sand dunes of the Fendom, near Tain, Ross-shire.

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Unfreemen of Tain

An extract from the Acts of the Lords of Council from 1501, detailing complaints by the Royal Burgh of Inverness against Tain's ancient rights of Sanctuary.

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Pugh or Alexander Munro

An article from the Ross-shire Journal by Robert Ross in Ballarat Australia regarding Pugh one of Tain's 19th-century 'celebrities'.

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The Tain Chapmen 1697

An extract from the Tain and Balnagown Documents regarding Chapmen from Tain. The unfortunate traders complain to the court in Tain that they have been left in debt after being attacked and robbed whilst travelling in Clan Mackay territory.

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