Articles from Tain & District Museum

The Burning of St Duthac's Chapel

One of the most horrific incidents in Tain’s past occurred in 1427 when the Laird of Freswick, Alexander Mowat and his kinsmen were burned to death in the Chapel of St Duthac in Tain by Thomas Mackay of Creich.

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The Treaty of Auldearn, 1308

With his family still imprisoned in England his sister Mary still being held in a cage, King Robert met with their captor Earl William, at Auldearn, on the last day of October 1308.

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William Johnston a Tain man in the 42nd Foot.

In the late 18th and early 19th century, thousands of men from Easter-Ross enlisted into Highland Regiments serving in the British Army. Soldiers from Easter-Ross played a part in many famous sieges and battles and would see action at almost every corner of the globe. The pension records of these men sometimes give us a fascinating insight into the military service of the ordinary soldier.

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Mortar Squad poem.

A huge number of men from Easter Ross spent most of the war as P.O.W’s after being captured at St Valery on the 12th of June 1940. This poem was said to have been written in the South of England before embarking for France and mentions the names of men from our area most of whom were taken prisoner, some of them never coming home again.

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