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Tain Royal Academy Orchestra 1966/7
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Tain Royal Academy Orchestra 1966/7

This photograph shows Tain Royal Academy Orchestra in 1966/7. Violin tuition was introduced the previous year. The names provided by Gregor Laing are as follows:
Back row from left
? Grant, Alisdair Williamson, Gordon Forbes, Ian Stewart, George Mackenzie, ?, Ian Macgregor, Gregor Laing, Peter Johnstone, Trish Gardiner.
Edith Mackay, Joyce Brewster, Stefan Pater, Robin Richardson, Kay Sutherland, Valerie Sutherland.
Liz Campbell, Oona Ross, ?, ?, Hilda Porter, Agnes Gardiner, Sheila ?, Audrey Campbell

Can anyone fill in the missing names?
Picture added on 16 May 2011
Think you have got Stephan Pater wrong. I think it is Bruce Patterson. Rosemary Mackay in the middle of front row.
Added by Stephan Pater on 30 May 2011
I did wonder, I seem to recall you were more into playing football than playing the fiddle
Added by Gregor Laing on 11 June 2011
I think it is Stewart Macpherson not Bruce Paterson. Also it's Valerie Sutherland beside Robin Richardson ( Kay is not here) and Elizabeth Mackay beside her.
Added by Anne Maciver on 11 June 2011
It's Stewart Macpherson, definitely not Stefan. Round about the time this photo was taken Stefan and I, along with another 8 miscreants, were at the rear of the maths classroom attempting to enter the Guinness Book of Records by getting 10 boys on Donald Leitch the Grocer's message bike.

Sadly, the attempt ended in spectacular failure, with both wheels buckling under the strain. We then fled the scene, setting a new Academy record for the hundred yards dash!
Added by Alex Graham on 19 June 2011
I'm fairly sure it's Pat Rae second from the left in the front row. I'm also mortified to realise that I've followed Gregor Laing's lead in miss-spelling Stephan Pater's christian name. Mind you, it's hardly surprising - there was so much misbehaving going on at the time I'm amazed either of us ever learnt how to spell!
Added by Alex Graham on 21 June 2011
To further the completion of the "gaps", and ignoring Alex Graham's spilling the beans by categorising us as miscreants!
I stand by my Bruce Paterson not Stewart, as this picture is all people younger than us, and Stewart was in our class.
How about Jeannette Small for the extreme left in the photo? Definitely Oona Ross, not Pat Rae - has Alex gone to Specsavers lately? Mary Munro next to Rosemary Mackay. Is the chap next to George Mackenzie, Alistair Brocklebank? That is my final contribution and hope Alex and the family are well. Regards. Stephan 27/6/11
Added by Stephan Pater on 27 June 2011
From what I recall the photo was taken prior to our departure to Dingwall for the annual music festival' either late May or June, a closer look at the left of the photo shows Norman the Janitor's sweet peas beginning to climb the domestic science wall.The group included pupils from 1st, 2nd and third year, so I wasn't familiar with all the names. Stephen, the names you have given all ring a bell and I have been advised on good authority that it is Oona Ross second from the left but the jury is still out on Bruce Patterson and Stewart Macpherson. Any ideas for the Sheila next to Agnes Gardiner, could it be Morrison?
Added by Gregor Laing on 06 July 2011
Here is my tuppence worth for today !
I think that it is Stewart because I remember himself and Robin playing the recorder for the Queen Mother the time she came to Tain and toured the ( then new !) Rose Garden on the High Street. ( Stewart and Robin were in the same class)
I am not sure but the person named as Trish Gardiner - looks very like Catherine Ann Mackay to me .
Also at the other end I think that Edith Mackay is actually Rhoda ( or Rhona) Maclennan ?
I would go with Stephan's suggestion of Jeanette Small since that was my original thought.
Added by Anne on 12 July 2011
Is it Mary Huxtable in the middle of front row with light jumper?
Added by Hellen Vass on 16 September 2011
I seem to remember us standing on the stage in Dingwall waiting for a very long time to be told to begin, and a sarcastic judge asking us why we hadn't started......... and as Anne (Ross?) says, playing the recorder with Ewan Mann and Robert Turner (I think) for the pageant dressed in a jester's outfit. But can't add to any of the names.
Added by Robin Richardson on 19 October 2011
It is Alastair Brockbank to the right of George Mackenzie at the back, I'm fairly sure it was Brockbank and not Brocklebank, and Sheila's surname was Morrison and Trish Gardiner is Ann MacKay.
Added by William McRae on 25 June 2012
I agree with Stephan Pater comments. It is my brother Bruce Paterson in the middle row not Stephan Pater.
Added by John Paterson on 02 October 2012
Audrey Campbell on the left front row. Stewart MacPherson next ro Robin Richardson and Val Sutherland on Robin's other side. Oh and Edith is on the right. I think I may have taken this photograph for the school magazine.
Added by Brian MacLeod on 09 May 2013
Remember this photograph well. Also remember playing a fiddle duet with Gregor Laing, I think, at one music festival in Dingwall. If my memory serves me well we were placed last. My fiddle playing days were short lived. Our violin teacher Miss Macrae did suggest it may not be the instrument for me.
Added by George MacKenzie on 07 January 2017
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