Ardjachie Class I Pictish Stone

Ardjachie Class I Pictish Stone

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Object Description

The Ardjachie Stone which was found by farmers in 1960 at the Ardjachie Point near Tain in Easter Ross is an uncut decorated boulder made of local sandstone. It was decided to move it to Tain museum where it now stands. There are two symbols on it; an inverted-L design with a wheel or sun image above, both of probable Pictish origin. It therefore may be considered a Class I Pictish stone. There are also several dozen cup or ring marks suggesting that the stone dates originally back to the Bronze Age.

The stone can be seen in the churchyard of the Collegiate Church. It is situated on the left-hand side of the front door of the museum, The main gates of the churchyard will be open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 3 pm.

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