Hugh Ross: Thistle Cup

Hugh Ross: Thistle Cup

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Object Description

Miniature silver thistle cup made by Hugh Ross I (c.1680-1732), probably between about 1700 and 1720. This style of cup, inspired by the shape of a thistle head, was particular to Scotland at this period. The exceptionally rare surviving group of cups made in Tain are all of a diminutive size – this one is only 4.7cm tall.
It is of heavy gauge with applied fluted lobes, a ribbed girdle and a ribbed S-shaped handle. The initials AS and MF are engraved above the girdle. The maker\'s mark of HR conjoined is stamped on the base.
Another thistle cup by Hugh Ross is in the McCord Museum, Montreal. It was taken out by James Thompson, who left Tain in 1757 with the Fraser Highlanders. The cup was said to have belonged to his grandmother.

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