Seaforth Highlanders Dress Jacket

Seaforth Highlanders Dress Jacket

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Seaforth Highlanders Officers Dress Jacket dating from about 1911. The jacket is of scarlet wool with buff-coloured facings to the collar and cuffs. It is fastened with 8 silver buttons bearing a stag's head, the Seaforth crest, with further Seaforth buttons and silver braid. The collar has silver elephant insignia to represent the regiment's service in India where they played a key part in the relief of Lucknow in 1857. The then Seaforth Highlanders were formed in 1881 by combining the 72nd and 78th Highland Regiments. The 78th were known as the Ross-shire Buffs because of the colour of their jacket facings. Buff was reintroduced as the regimental facing colour in 1899. The jacket belonged to Colonel Hugh Fraser from Tain.

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