Papal bull of 1492

Papal bull of 1492

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"Innocent VIII bishop, servant of the servants of God, to his dear son William Spine, provost of the Church of the blessed Duthus of Tayne, in Ross, deacon, greeting and apostolic blessing. When what is asked of us is just and honourable, the strength of right as much as the line of reason requires that it should be carried out to its due effect as a consequence of craving our interposition. Indeed, the prayer brought before us on your behalf recited that our venerable brother Thomas, Bishop of Ross, with consent of the chapter of the Church of Ross and of others whom it concerned, and for the advancement of Divine worship, raised the said Church of the blessed Duthac into a collegiate one, and in it set up one provostship, five canonries, and as many prebends, two deaconships or sub- deaconships, one servitorship, and three clerical scholarships [or boy choristerships], and for the fitting endowment of all these, the provostship [&c., &c.], he assigned certain dues, rents, and profits piously set apart by certain of Christ's faithful ones. And when thou hast attained the said provostship, which therein stands the chief dignity conferred on thee, yet in some measure lacking apostolic authority, thou hast asked it to be fortified by us with the apostolic bulwark. We, therefore, being influenced in this direction by thy prayers, do confirm and strengthen with the defence of this writ, the things done and carried out, just as if they had been properly done by apostolic authority. Therefore, let none at all breakthrough this our writ of confirmation and defence, or with rash daring transgress it. But, if any shall take upon him to attempt this, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God, and of his blessed apostles, Peter and Paul. Given at Rome, at St Peter's, in the year of the Lord's incarnation, 1492, on the 17th of July, in the 8th year of our pontificate."

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