Easter Ross Cycling Club Trophy

Easter Ross Cycling Club Trophy

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Object Description

Round bowl. Front and back of left side engraved on base at foot of the stem. "Challenge cup presented to the Easter Ross Cycling Club by Wm. Ross, Captain on Tricycle Division and his friends Tain 1888". 3941 Hallmarked stamped in the shield. Two male cyclists dressed in knickerbockers, short-sleeved, elbow-length tops. They are on Penny Farthing Cycles. Engraved around details is a leafy border, also the same around the base of the stem.

Won by:- 1888 W. J, Munro; 1889 James R. Macrae; 1890 W.J. Munro;1891 C.J. Boult; 1892 C.J. Boult; 1893 W.J. Munro.

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Date added May 26th, 2021
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