71st Fraser Highlanders Orderly Book belonging to John Ross of Achnacloich

71st Fraser Highlanders Orderly Book belonging to John Ross of Achnacloich

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A day to day account of Regimental Orders, for the months of June to August 1783, for the 1st company of 71st Regiment, including the American Campaign. 1st Battalion Grenadiers of the 71st Fraser Regiment.

This very rare book in our collection is a surviving relic from the American War of Independence (1775-1784). It belonged to, or at least was brought back to Britain, by John Ross of Achnacloich. The Orderly Book covers a period of just over 3 months from 7th June 1783, to 17th August 1783, which is during the final period of the preparation for the journey home.

John Ross listed as Lieutenant on 27th November 1775, in the 71st Fraser Highlanders Regiment, raised by Simon Fraser of Lovat to fight in America.
The war involved a series of campaigns in which John Ross played an active part. He was captured twice. The first occasion was at Stoney Point north of New York on 22nd July 1779, and he was kept in captivity at Lancaster until November 1780, when he was returned to New York to be exchanged for an American Officer. He was taken prisoner again at Yorktown in October 1781, where the British finally surrendered. He stayed with the 71st prisoners who were marched through Maryland and Virginia to camp at Lancaster and organised their journey home to Scotland.
Having discharged those men who wished to settle in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, he sailed home with the rest of his men and mustered his company at Perth on 2nd June 1784. By this time, he had been promoted to Captain on 22nd March 1784. Not long after he returned from the war he died in London, apparently unmarried and leaving no heirs.

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    Ryan Gale

    Greetings, Do you have images of the 71st regiment orderly book in your collection available for research? I'm researching the regiment for a book on the American Revolution. Thank you, Ryan R. Gale rrgale@msn.com

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    .ed brumby

    I actually have the images but would not pass on. I think I have a transcript. I spent 20 years researching the 71st and wrote a book on it. Its on Amazon or Kindle or from me or the museum if they still have copies. Tain museum is the only one who promotes the 71st. Do you live in UK? I go on holiday today, hopefully. Ed Brumby in Elgin Scotland

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