Shopping list from Alexander Ross of Balnagown, 1553.

Shopping list from Alexander Ross of Balnagown, 1553.

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The list includes sugar, pepper, aniseed and a cannon, which was later put to use attacking Cadboll Castle.

“At Edinburgh, ye last day of Marche in ye yeir of God 1553 it is agreed betwyx …. Alex. Ross of balnegoine …. And Johne Ross of ye toune of Dunskyt [Dunskaith] as followis – John Ross, will of God, shall deliver at ye port of Cromarty to the laird …so many habengeous [chained mail coats] as will extend to the spending of twenty ponds Felemish, ye said habengeous to be with sleeves and linen fastenings with ye habengeous – of ye which habengeous two to be fine and three across works. One barrel of scheyms [?], three matts, six hundred pounds of hemp, eight stone of corks, three fine chandlers of gross work, a bason and laver of tin wear is fine, four ticks of bed with bolsters, six pounds of pepper, one pound of ginger, two stone of annetsede [aniseed], two ‘laiffe cannered suicre’ [loaf sugar], three pounds sugar candy, six fine tinned stoups – the arms is three lions two above and on underneath of them in each stoup two quarts, two pints two chopins extending to fifty pounds Flemish spending, and this to be delivered at ye said Johne first coming to Scotland for the which payment above expremit, to be …... and delivered as said Alexander shall deliver and pay to ye said John for every pound Fleming spending foresaid five pounds Scotts in salted hides, dry hides and other merchands [merchandise] to the said John within twenty days next and immediate following the delivering of the merchandise above expremit without fraud or guile on the promise as “sic” merchands gives in to the contract. One dozen of leaden basins of the which three of ten quarts, three of gallons, three of half gallons and three of quarts. A culvering that be is ryt fine and schetes [sheets] far, four firkins of fine culvering powder, twelve ells of Holland cloth. And both the sais oblige them faithfully to fulfil the promises, each one towards the other, in witness of which both ye said parties has subscribed this before their witness [three names and the signature of Alexander and of John Ross the shipmaster.

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