Clan Chisholm Dirk

Clan Chisholm Dirk

Included in Collections: Militaria

Object Description

This week\'s item is a victorian era ornamental dirk that belonged to Roderick Donald Matheson Chisholm, the late Chief of Clan Chisholm. The dirk is still frighteningly sharp and comes contained in a sheaf fashioned of leather, this houses the dirk and a small knife and fork, which all have amber coloured Cairngorm stones on their pommels. Inscribed on the upper band is \'RDM Chisholm\'.

The dirk was donated to the museum by Molly Macrae of Kirksheaf in Tain, who also left the museum a snuff box that belonging to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Cat No. 1195
Collections Militaria
Date added May 30th, 2021
Added by Tain & District Museum

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