Letter written by Lady Amelia Lovat whilst prisoner of Simon Fraser the 'Old Fox', 1697.

Letter written by Lady Amelia Lovat whilst prisoner of Simon Fraser the 'Old Fox', 1697.

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We Amelia Lady Lovat do by these solemnly declare to all here concerned that because of my lately married to Mr Simon Fraser of Beaufort there have been several debates & contestations arisen among our friends & Relations and even to the interest of the public government to interpose its Royal authority against my said Husband & his friends & kinsmen to our no small grief & disquiet being that it tends to the utter ruin & extinction of this your country & all the gentlemen & others therein. Therefor to prevent any further mistakes on the foresaid account, where the same happens to be called in question, We the said Lady Emilia of Lovat assert, affirm & absolutely declare to all & everyone that his interest in me, that the said Master Simon Fraser of Beaufort is my undoubted Husband & that without any forces or compulsion whatsoever, I consented to be his lawful espoused wife & shall by God’s help continue so & cherish & maintain show love & affection to him that a wife owes to her husband, and adhere to him in all events, and desires he may be owned as such, at Erchles with his own hand before these honourable witnesses: Hugh Ross of Kilravock, Mr Simon Mackenzie of Allangrange, John Cuthbert younger of Castlehill, John MacBain merchant in Inverness, John Chisolm Laird of Comir & Allan Cameron of Lochquych.
16th November 1697

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