Saint Duthac's Reliquaries, 1560.

Saint Duthac's Reliquaries, 1560.

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I Alexr. Ross of Ballanagone grantis me to haif ressavit realie and wt. effect fra ane venerable man and my speciale freind Nicholas Ross commendator of Ferne and provest of Tayne in keping wtin. my house of Ballanagone yir reliks followand viz ane hede of silver callit sanct Duthois hede his chast blede in gold and his ferthyr in silver gylt wt. gold. And therfor binds and oblis me my aiers, exres. and assignais that ye samyn hede chast blede and ferthyr salbe furcht cumand to ye said provest and college of Tayne and to all uthers heffand entres yrto be just titill, and binds and oblis me . . to freicht releis and keyp skatless ye said Nicholas . . and all uthers quhome it efferis for . . hede &c . . at all hands and persones havand entres yrto under ye payne of tway thosand merks . . to be pait be me my . . to . . Nicholas . . and to all &c . . for yar cost &c . . . bot any exceptiones in ye qtrar in ye maist ample form of obligatione yt. can be devisit. In witnes of ye qlk I . . hes subscrivit yir presentis wt. my hand and for mayr verificatione hes causit Sir Jhone Nicholsoun notar public subscrive ye samyn at Bellanagoun ye xvi day of Julii . . laj Vct thrie score zeris before yir witness George Ros my broder and Duncan Grant alias roy . .

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