Refusing to Fight, 1547.

Refusing to Fight, 1547.

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A receipt for a fine given to Alexander Ross of Balnagown for not attending a muster of Scotland’s army before the Battle of Gladsmuir in 1547.

"I, Robert Carnegy of Kynnard, clerk to our soverane ladies thesaurar, grantis me to have ressavit fra . . Alexr. Ross of Balnagown . . the soume of four scoir of pounds . . in full payment of ye composition made with ye lords compositors in ye north pts- of yis realm for ane Remission grantit to him, his kyn, freynds, tenents and servands for ye tresonable Remaning and byding at hame fra . . oist and armye convenit at Gladsmuir ye xxth day of August last, for payment of ye qlk ... in my bukis under payne of rebellione . . . At Ed r - . . . laj Vet and fourtie aucht yeiris . . witnesses Maister Robert Ritchison, Maist. Johne Dunbar and Ritchert Blantyre . . Robert Carnegy w* my hand."

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