Letter of Fire and Sword, 1583.

Letter of Fire and Sword, 1583.

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In 1572 a long-running feud between Alexander Ross of Balnagown and Alexander Innes of the Plaids came to a head. Ross raided his lands, stole his crops and livestock, whilst taking Innes and his wife hostage and forcing them both to sign over much of their lands. He later attacked Innes's Castle at Cadboll with a cannon ‘casting doun of the batellit tour of Cadboll’. In March 1574 he was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle for four months, and compelled to pay Innes 4,000 merks and to repair the damaged castle. On his release, Alexander refused to pay, claiming he had agreed under duress. He soon resumed his lawless ways and continually defied the Government, resulting in this letter of ‘Fire and Sword’ being issued. The letter instructs various people to apprehend him including his son George Ross who was by then the Chief of Balnagown. 'Forsameikle as the persones und n - . . Walter Ross Wm sone in Tuttimtarva*, Alexr. Fraser, John Rewach . . Wm. McFinlay braik . . Alexr. Cam the birbur's sone . . Alexr. Ross sumtyme of Balnagowne thair Conductor being delatit . . . odious crymes . . contemption . . . we have commandit . . Erie of Huntlye .... commission to Johne Campbell of Cadell, Thomas Fraser tutoure of Lovat, Robert Monro of Fowles, and George Ross of Balnagowne to convocat the liegis and to persew . . with fyre and sword'

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