Letter ordering Alexander IX to be obedient to his King, 1577.

Letter ordering Alexander IX to be obedient to his King, 1577.

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A, perhaps unique, letter from the Ross Clan including the chief’s son George, urging that the laird of Balnagown serve his God and be obedient to his King. They feared that Alexander’s lawlessness would see them lose his and their lands to a stranger and leave the clan ruined. Alexander seems to have persisted with his lawlessness and by 1583 he had again been denounced as a rebel, while Balnagown is in the hand of his son George.

"There follows the heads directed to the laird of Balnagown by his kin and friends with the concurrence of his son George Ross who has subscribed… the following-

First, having respect to the ancientness of his house which was at all time inviolate except in favour of the prince & authority, while now of late they see an appearance of utter wreck to cum upon the said house and loss of the lands unless provision is found for relief… Therefore the said kin & friends have directed these bearers, Alexander Ross Williamson…. Hew Ross of Tolly & Donald Ross of Balmuchy… urging the said laird for his own honour & will that he serve his God next find a remedy to avoid his apparent trouble coming upon him.

Secondly, to fix a tryst for friends to convene & confer.. as soon as he may in respect of the shortness of time that his lands are to be forfeited the 10th September next…

Thirdly make known to the laird that by their judgment all noblemen & barons are obedient to the authority & the Regent except him… wishing him most earnestly to do the same rather than to perish his house kin & friends & lose the lands that his elders won, for the kin & friends fear a stranger to come in his room, which will be to his & their utter ruin.

Written at Tain 2nd August 1577 subscriber George Ross apparent heir of Balnagown, Thomas Ross commentator of Fearn, Hutcheon Ross of Tolly, Alexander Ross of Little Tarrel, Ronald Ross of Shandwick, Donald Ross of Balmuchy, Andrew Ross in Tain, William Innes of Calrossy, Andrew Sutherland of Inschfuir, Donald Ross of Little Reny, Alexander Ross in Invercharron, John Ross in Little Allan, Donald Ross in Geanies, Alexander Ross in Meikle Dallas
Written by Alexander Clunes"

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