Model of Sailing ship, St. Duthus

Model of Sailing ship, St. Duthus

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Object Description

Model of a two-masted sailing ship having a bowsprit and mainmast and rigged as follows:- flying jib, outer jib, inner jib, staysail, fore topgallant fore Royal main Royal staysail, boom foresail, gaff topsail and mizzen. The ship has stay\'s to all sails and shrouds port and starboards to both foremast and mainmast. The hold has access at points on the deck, forward aft and midships on the model. These are shown covered with the ship\'s life-boat positioned on top of the main hatch cover. The ship\'s wheel is at the stern and there are port and starboard anchors and chains on either side of the bows, which have the draught painted on either side. The red navigation board is shown on the port side - but the green starboard one is missing. The model is fixed to a board covered with a putty-like substance covered in green, made to simulate choppy seas.

The original ship operated out of Tain and traded with the Baltic ports and North of England.

Printed on the stern and on lifebelt - St. Duthus Tain; On the port bow and on pennant - St. Duthus.

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