Clinker Fishing Boat

Clinker Fishing Boat

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Object Description

A clinker-built, single-masted, fishing boat having a jib sail and a lugsail. There are 4 seats equally spaced along the length of the boat as well as one in the stern which extends 50mm along each side to the next seat. The bilge at the stern of the boat is covered by a triangular-shaped board drilled with holes. The boat is steered by a hand tiller in the stern. There are 3 sets of rowlocks and the entire boat is varnished. It is mounted on a varnished wood base.
Written on a piece of paper stuck on base - Made by Torquil W. McLeod Tain 1947

Cat No. 0813.006
Collections Torquil Macleod
Date added July 5th, 2021
Added by Tain & District Museum

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