Model of H.M.S. Victory

Model of H.M.S. Victory

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Object Description

Model of Nelson\'s Flagship H.M.S. Victory mounted on a plain mahogany base. This is a 3 masted ship-of-the-line having a foremast, mainmast and mizzen mast together with large bowsprit. The model has no sails. There are 51 gun ports on either side and 6 canons on deck, two of which are facing forward. The ships anchor is hanging from the bows and resting on the base. The keel is painted black, the hull white and above the water-line black with yellow bands along the bank of gun ports, the shutters being painted black on the outside and red inside. Above this line, the rest is painted blue. The ship has a decorated galley at the stern.
The ship was extensively damaged and underwent repairs in 2021.

Cat No. 0813.002
Collections Torquil Macleod
Date added July 5th, 2021
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