Model of passenger liner in a light bulb.

Model of passenger liner in a light bulb.

Included in Collections: Torquil Macleod

Object Description

Model of small passenger liner approx. 65mm long inserted in an electric light bulb. The sea and coastline are formed out of putty and painted blue, brown and green respectively. Placed on the cliff edge are a lighthouse and 2 white cottages with red roofs. The ship has a black hull, white superstructure and an orange deck. The two funnels are solid, black and painted orange over the top. A blue and white colour mix has been painted onto the glass to give a background sky effect. The stand is of stained wood with a wood cradle to hold the bulb which has previously been glued on.
Printed on paper stuck on base - Inserted by - Torquil McLeod

Cat No. 0819.001
Collections Torquil Macleod
Date added July 5th, 2021
Added by Tain & District Museum

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