Model of sailing ship in light bulb.

Model of sailing ship in light bulb.

Included in Collections: Torquil Macleod

Object Description

Pigmy bulb containing small sailing ship, lighthouse and cottage. The ship has a black and white hull, an orange deck, 2masts and 3 sails, a jib sail, a lugsail and a gaffsail. Onshore is a black and white lighthouse and white cottage with a red roof. The sea and background are painted brown and blue respectively. To the right of this group is a small torch bulb containing a two-masted ship with a black funnel and in the background a red and white light-house and a red-roofed cottage. The larger bulb is glued to a varnished wood base.
Printed on paper stuck on base - Inserted by - Torquil McLeod

Cat No. 0819.002
Collections Torquil Macleod
Date added July 5th, 2021
Added by Tain & District Museum

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