Plan showing the low water channel at Inver Bay near Tain, 1866.

Plan showing the low water channel at Inver Bay near Tain, 1866.

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2 duplicate copies of a plan showing the low water channel in Inver Bay between the village of Inver and the Dornoch Firth on August 18th 1886, drawn by Edward Millar Cunningham. A section across the mouth of the channel is also shown. The height of the tide and the depth of the water on the given date have been plotted, showing that the depth of the channel varied between 6 inches at the mouth to 8 feet 6 inches in places. Inver was a fishing village and access to the firth was therefore an important issue. Comparison with the modern Ordnance Survey map shows that the sand bars in the firth have built up considerably since 1886 and the mouth of the channel has been pushed 400 yards eastwards. Sand is scoured out from the shore to the east of Tain and carried round the point to be deposited here. Over the centuries this erosion and desposition has resulted in the loss of recorded natural features near Tain such as Paul MacTyre\'s Hill, which was the location of one of the girth crosses that marked the extent of the medieval sanctuary of Tain. The plan also shows the location of two stake nets, one near the village and the other at the mouth of the channel, used for catching salmon. A salmon shed and ice hut are marked near the second of these.

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