Alterations to villa in Tower Street, Tain, 1950s

Alterations to villa in Tower Street, Tain, 1950s

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Plan of alterations to villa in Tower Street, Tain, the 1950s. It includes the provision of an external larder and toilet at the back of the kitchen, a glassed-in extension to the lounge projecting into the back garden, the replacement of the upstairs fireplaces with electric radiators and the replacement of some of the internal doors with timber and glass "bungalow type" doors. The villa is one of an imposing pair of semi-detached houses designed by Thomas Munro in 1902. They are on the site of an earlier building destroyed by fire in the late 19th century. The single-storey building adjoining the house at the left of the plans dates from about 1820 and is all that remains of the older buildings on the site. These alterations occurred during a spate of modernisation of the older houses of the town. In most cases, little consideration was apparently given to harmonising with the existing townscape in terms of either style of construction or the materials used.

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