Tain Burgess Ticket, 1810.

Tain Burgess Ticket, 1810.

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Tain Burgess Ticket.
A Tain Burgess Ticket, issued to James Ross of Pitcalnie on this day, the 24 August 1810. The ticket would have allowed James to vote on Burgh matters and trade freely from the town. These burgh councils were often dominated by Local landowners until the Burgh Reform act in 1833 introducing proper elections. The Burgess Tickets were later only handed out to people who were being given the Freedom of the Town.

“At Tain, the twenty-fourth day of August one thousand Eight Hundred and ten years, in presence of Lieut. General Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Provost of the Burgh of Tain Messrs William Murray, John Taylor and James Taylor Baillie’s thereof, Alexander Manson Dean of guild, George Murray Treasurer, and the permanent Members of the council of the said Burgh.
Which Day James Ross Esquire of Pitcalny was admitted and received Freeman Burgess and Guild Brother of the said Burgh of Tain, with all the Privileges Liberties and Immunities competent to any other Burgess and Guild Brother thereof, and having taken the Oath usual at Admission of Burgesses, thereupon took Instruments Extracted by

Illegible Signature”

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