Military Dress Sword

Military Dress Sword

Included in Collections: Crawford Ross Tackman

Object Description

The handle of the sword has an urn-shaped pommel above the handgrip bound with silver wire; the knuckle bow is decorated with leaf designs at either end. Only one shell guard remains, the hinge for the other one remains with one of the four copper rivets missing. The pommel knuckle bow and guard are brass.

Engraved - crown with \'G.R\' below it on one side and floral ornament stamped - letter \'S\' at top of blade; on one side engraved - royal coat of arms and \'honi soit qui mal y panse\' & \'Dieu et mon droit\' on other.

Belonged to Crawford Ross, tacksman of Cadboll for 30 years. He died on 2nd December 1862, aged 75 years. He was the original owner of the sword.

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Collections Crawford Ross Tackman
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