Crawford Ross Photograph

Crawford Ross Photograph

Included in Collections: Crawford Ross Tackman

Object Description

A photograph of Crawford Ross who was a tacksman at Cadboll for over 30 years. A tack was a lease, and a tacksman a leaseholder. In the Highlands, the term was applied particularly to someone who leased a large area and in turn sublet to smaller tenant farmers. Crawford died on 2/12/1862, aged 75.
There are a number of items relating to Crawford Ross in the museum collection.
These include a snuff box, duelling pistols, military dress sword, 6 silver spoons and 4 claret bottles, and were part of a Dr Rankine Bequest and came to him via the Youngs of Cadboll.

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Collections Crawford Ross Tackman
Date added December 13th, 2021
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