Alexander denies attacking Cadboll Castle

Alexander denies attacking Cadboll Castle

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B. No. 677, 1574. A legal document called a Notarial Instrument; of revocation dated 5th August 1574.
In pns. of me . . compered personally . . Alexr. Ross of Balnagown declared, that James Earle of Morton, Regent, summoned the said Alexr. Ross and his alleged accomplices to a Parliament to be held by him and the three estates in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh for the downcasting of the baillie tower of Cadboll and the alleged taking and imprisoning of Alexander Innes of Plaids in Cadboll and for alleged disobedience

Summoned before ye Justice general to underlie the law therefor . . . and by reason of his non-appearance, he was denounced Rebel and put to the horn.

Summoned before Regent and lords of the secret counsel . . . comperit not . . . and yet he was and is innocent of the demolishing and imprisoning . . . and yet the same was done by Hugh MacCulloch pretending a right to Cadboll and his accomplices . . .

When he was summoned he was laying clearly sick in Balnagown and there was not a minister in the parish kirk of Kilmuir of whom he might have testimonials, and when he came to Edinburgh the 11th day of March 1573 at my Lord Regent’s desire to have speak his L0. on the morning after, caused him enter in ward within the Castle of Edinburgh and imprisoned him in a house there, where he remained four months.

And when he was delivered of the said Castle he has been and is sat continually in ward within the town of Edinburgh and a mile about under caution of great sums of money and to save his life, heritage unforfaltit . . of need was constrained to do all his grace would charge . . who caused him to make a contract with the said Alexr. Innes and Elizabeth his spouse to pay four thousand Merks . . . . had he not consented to it he supposed no less it should cost him his life and his heritage unjustly forfeited. . . . did all by being . . pressed . . . upon fear and dread . . . . he has been and obliged him to build up again sum vaults and houses of Cadboll at one certain time under payne of one thousand pounds yet it is not two years since it was cast down and five hundred marks would repair it and make the same as sufficient as ever.

The said Alexander Ross . . . in the most ample form revokes the whole contract and other obligations . . . to be null . . . . [In Latin]

These things were noted in his chamber for the time within. . Edinburgh . . . . present John Davidson burgess of Edinburgh, Walter McCulloch heir apparent of Meikle Terrell in Ross, &c.

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