The Chief's Son goes to St Andrew's University

The Chief's Son goes to St Andrew's University

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A receipt for George Ross of Balnagown attending St Andrew's University in 1566

The savintein day of Fabruar ye yeir of God laj Vet sextie sex yeirs I Andrew Watsoun, Stewart in ye New College of Sanct Andrew, grants me to have resavit fra . . Maister Thomas Ross . . on behalf of Alexr. Ross of Balnagown for ye thrie quarters boyrd of George Ross his son . . twentie sevin punds . . witnesses George Ross, Johne Chalmers and James Tago.

[on other side is]

Heir followis ye money yt. said Thomas Ross left wt. Androw Watsoun . . .
Item to buy tway sarks wt. ij neipkynis xxxiv sh.
Item to by ij pair shone ane pair gluves and ane coird to ane bonat ix sh iiijd.
Item for ane pound of candill xvi sh.

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