Balnagown Bridge

Balnagown Bridge

Year: 1920 | Included in Albums: Places

Photo Description

This postcard, produced by Mathieson of Delny, shows an old view of Balnagown Bridge. The old bridge can still be seen from car or bus as one travels along the new by-pass road.

Cat No. 249
Year 1920
Albums Places
Date added April 5th, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Ronald McMillan

    I was born in what is now called the old postoffice and the bridge holds many memories for me in my youth. Ron McMillan

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    Arthur Mee

    The gate in the wall on the left was used by 'Jimmy the Post' around the first world war. My mother and I would walk through the gate and she would point out Jacob's Ladder just beyond the gate. It was a steep climb up steps in the woods.

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