Altnamain Hotel

Altnamain Hotel

Year: 1930 | Included in Albums: Places

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This picture of the Altnamain Hotel was possibly taken in either the 1920's or 30's.

Cat No. 2737.6
Year 1930
Albums Places
Date added April 26th, 2004
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    Ida Donnachie

    My family lived at Autnamain inn from 1954 to 1961, when we left to take over Edderton stores. After this picture was taken a dining room was added to the front. We were very happy there (even when snowed in for weeks at a time some winters!) and made many friends with the people of Edderton and Ardross. When we were there, there was a 30 acre croft and we kept sheep and cows to supply milk for the hotel. The peat cutters came during summer, and sourced peat for the distillery. As they used a horse to drag the peat out, and kept the horse in our stable, they also supplied us with free peat. The late Dominic Stoltman was the first to cut peat during our time there, followed by Sonny Munro from Evanton (better known as "Sunny Dick"). The Simpson family were in the smiddy at Ardross, and Bert transported the Ardross boys to the inn on a Saturday night in his taxi. Bill Simpson played accordion, and his brother Pat the piano. We had great ceilidhs in the tap room after the bar closed! We were always busy on the day of the Lairg sale, with passing crofters and farmers. In those days water was piped from the burn by a pump in the kitchen which often broke down, particularly when big coaches visited and demand was high! Electricity was supplied by a Lister diesel engine. I have very happy memories of Aultnamain and the people we met there.

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