Aerial view of part of Tain

Aerial view of part of Tain

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

Photo Description

This picture from an unknown newspaper or Magazine is entitled "Tain: From the Air" was possibly taken around 1940. It shows an oblique aerial view from Geanies street NW through the High Street in the middle; Kirksheaf Road, CastleHill and Castle Brae in the foreground; the triangle, Queen Street, Scotsburn Road , Manse Street and what was to become Craighill Terrace in the background.

Cat No. 75.2
Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added April 29th, 2004
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    The triangle in this picture is between "Croft Roy" in the right foreground and "Crammond Brae" now called "Highbury" opposite with Castle Hill gardens & a then bare lot on the third side. Also seen is "The Grove" presumably designed by Maitlin (see curved white tower with windows behind present Post Office and above left of the triangle). Tain's public Rose Garden adjacent to present Council's service building can also be seen at the top of Crammond Brae/Bank Street.

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    Margaret Urquhart

    The triangle referred to by S MacAngus is the small one in the bottom right corner of the picture. The one referred to in the original description is the larger one at Cadboll Place, generally locally known as "The Triangle".

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    Vi Symons nee Gardiner

    I agree with Margaret Urquhart. The large triangle is indeed at Cadboll Place where my granparents Agnes and William Gardiner lived. The large building to the right is Broom House and directly opposite is the Balnagown Hotel.

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    Dave Johnstone

    I will be travelling to Scotland on 4 Jul and hope to visit Tain. My uncle was stationed in Tain with 404 Squadron of the RCAF and was shot down in 1943 over the North Sea. I'm interested in visiting the airfield if it still exists. Do you have photos of the airfield/s?? Great site!!

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