William Smith, Bookseller and Photographer

William Smith, Bookseller and Photographer

Year: 1870 | Included in Albums: Businesses / People

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William Smith (1824-1906) was a highly skilled and innovative photographer who throughout his long career photographed the scenes, occasions and people of his day and has left us with a vivid record of 19th century life. When he first moved to Tain he had a bookseller and newsagent business in the High Street then later had his studio and shop in Castle Brae. He was a church elder and became involved in all sorts of charitable work, most notably the Tain Ragged school. There are a number of examples of his photos in this image library.

Cat No. 152.121b
Year 1870
Albums Businesses / People
Date added June 8th, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Margot Hogg

    I have a number of photos by William Smith. All of people most of whom I don't know! If the museum is interested in any of these, I could scan them.

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    Jayne Howard

    I believe that William Smith is my great-great-grandfather, the father of Isabella (Smith) Munro, per the 1891 census. Isabella married Hector Munro, also of Tain, in Australia, where both had emigrated. He became Australasian bank manager circa 1878; they had children in Australia, including my grandmother. Isabella returned to Tain by 1891 and may have died there. At least four children and Hector moved to NYCity by the turn of the century. Can anyone help me more with this family's history?

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    Estelle Quick

    Jayne, see Picture #323 for a bit more on William Smith. The museum had an exhibition about him a few years ago, with lots of his photos and quite a bit of information about his business and work as a photographer. I did eventually track down his gravestone and had high hopes of getting some family information from it, but all it has on it is his name. Next time I'm at the museum I will look out the information from the exhibition. Do you have any of his photos? Margot, the museum would certainly be interested in your Smith photos. Would you be able to scan and email them, and send scans of the backs as well? Thanks.

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    Jim Manning

    I was researching relatives and came across one, Ann Bell, who was employed as a servant in William Smith's household, according to the 1871 Census.

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