Orchard Cottage, Castle Brae

Orchard Cottage, Castle Brae

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Places

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This house, now demolished, was situated at the foot of Castle Brae. and was the home of a family called Sangster. Note the left hand ground floor window level with the pavement indicating that part of the house was below street level. You had to go down two or three steps to enter the front door. The small building to the right may have been a paint store.

Cat No. 146
Year 1900
Albums Places
Date added June 8th, 2004
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    Brian MacLeod

    I seem to remember my grandmother mentioning a Jeannie Sangster who used to live here.

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    Elizabeth Sangster

    This was my great grandparents' house, George & Janet (nee Johnstone) Sangster. George Sangster was burgh surveyor in Tain and died in 1925.

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