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This picture was taken outside Rosehill House in 1902. The people in the photo were the parents of a Mr George Murray.

Cat No. 554.2
Year 1902
Albums People / Places
Date added June 15th, 2004
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    Peter Smith

    I'm the present owner/occupier of Rosehill House (since 1988). The house in the picture is not actually Rosehill House, it is the neighbouring property now known as Craigneish, formerly called Rosehill Cottage. It is currently occupied by Mr Hugh Ross and family, Hugh's father Kenneth restored the building from a derelict state about 35 years ago.

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain Through Time

    Thanks for that information. As I have pointed out before, many of our photos were acquired a long time ago with very little information to go on. Someone obviously wrote "Rosehill" on the back of the photo without making the distinction and with the name "Craigneish" being used for the last 35 years it was assumed ther was only the one house named "Rosehill". This is one of the reasons for posting our photos on the Image Library - to hopefully gain more information about them. If you know any more about the history of the two houses, we would be grateful if you would pass the information on. One thing we do know is that Rosehill House was once called Cnocnacaun (with several variations to the spelling) as was the hill now known as Rosehill - whether it was the same building or another on that location is not so certain.

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    Colin Kinghorn

    My parents (Gordon and Maisie Kinghorn, nee Forsyth) owned and lived in Rosehill house - I was a regular visitor in the seventies and eighties. The house in the picture, about half way up the driveway, was abandoned at the time.

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    Douglas Macfie

    William Macfie of Clermiston, Midlothian , member of the large sugar refining family apparently owned the main house Rosehill back in the late 1800's

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