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This Post Card of Ardgay was published by James Moir, Chemist & Stationer, Bonar Bridge. It is postmarked "Ardgay" and addressed to "Mr H Macleod, 2526 So Spalding Avenue, Los Angeles, California 16, USA." Hugh Macleod was the brother of the contributor's grandfather. It was probably sent by their sister, Margaret Sinclair, sometime between 1944 and 1949. It is not certain when the scene was actually photographed but the sender writes that it shows "Ardgay as it once stood", suggesting it is perhaps from an even earlier period although not before motor transport was appearing in the area.

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Year 1946
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    Gavin Easton

    I also have this postcard, in unused condition.I was informed it may be from around 1925 going with cars in the picture .

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    Katharine Broome

    The Balnagown Arms Hotel is in the centre of the picture. It was burnt to the ground in either 1943 or 1944. It was run for many years by my aunt and her husband, Mina and Fergus Macleod. Fergus took over its running from his uncle. They had often said that should there ever be a fire, they would be able to put it out with ease as the Dornoch Firth was just across the road. At the time of the fire, the tide was out. The Canadian (I think) Army fire service came but their hoses could not reach over the mud. They became blocked. Nothing could be done to save the hotel. It was a great loss to the area. There was a regular clientele of visitors who came for the shooting and the fishing. The Macleods moved to Ardgay House which is to the left of where the photographer is standing. Some of there regular visitors stayed with them there. This photo must have been taken in the mid 1920's - after the construction of the War Memorial which is just showing at the left of the picture & is the subject of another picture in the collection.

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    Katharine Was the Fergus Macleod you mentioned the nephew of John Macleod (1850-1922) who married Donaldina Mill Ross (1857-1938) daughter of Gilbert Ross and Violet Mill ? I also have another similar picture to this which was taken around the same period but there are leaves on the trees. It was published by D. Mackay, Merchant, Ardgay

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    Katharine Broome.

    I have recently been able to get information about the owners of Ardgay House & have been able to research further. John Macleod was, indeed, married to Donaldina Ross daughter of Gilbert Ross and Violet Mill. Her sister Jane lived in Ardgay House from 1913 until her death c1942. In fact, it seems that the sisters owned Ardgay House, jointly. They had, at least, one other sister.

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    Denise Taylor (nee Macleod)

    Fergus Macleod was indeed the nephew of John Macleod (1850-1922). John's father was John Macleod (b. 1817 in Rhinhoyi) (my Great Great Great Uncle), who married Margaret Sutherland (b. 1819 Clyne) in 1843. The parents of John Macleod (b. 1817) were Robert Macleod b. 1776 Sutherland and Fanny Liddle also known as Francis Leighton b. 1781 in Ireland, these being my Great Great Great Grandparents.

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    Derek Curtin

    I believe that I am distant relative of the Stonemason who built the original Market Stone into the Hotel.

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    Shelagh Noble

    Fergus Macleod (Ferguson Sutherland Macleod) was my husband's great uncle, known to the family as Uncle Fergie. We inherited a clock which was presented to him in April 1925. The inscription reads: "Presented by the congregation of the United Free Church of Kincardine, Ardgay to Mr Fergus Macleod in appreciation of his valued services as leader of praise. April 1925." I hope you can see the photo of the clock. IMG_1359.jpg

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    Phyllis Hannah

    I suspect Jane lived with her brother John Alexander Ross (born 1859), as I found a record of him at the same address in 1932.

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