Gledfield Lodge, Ardgay

Gledfield Lodge, Ardgay

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

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This image is from a Valentine's Post Card. The date suggested (1940) is conjecture assuming contributor's post cards belong to the same period.

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Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added June 30th, 2004
Added by Ross Macleod
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    Louise M Gamble (nee Ross)

    My Great Grandfather Alexander Munro was the Head Gamekeeper towards the end of the nineteenth century, when the estate was very much larger than today. His daughter, my Grandmother, was a maid at the 'Big House' before marrying my Grandfather a pilot in the RFC before working in the bank in Bonar Bridge. I am wondering if there are photo archives etc. held in Gledfield that may have reference to my family?

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    Estelle Quick

    Only just noticed the note about the date here... Valentines used various number sequences for different groups of cards. The 200000 series was for views around the UK and finished in 1934 - I think this view is more likely to have been taken before 1920. The same views were often published repeatedly over quite a long period, so even if a card has a postmark this is not necessarily an accurate guide to when the photo was taken.

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    Alexina Munro Hands

    I’m trying to find out if my mother Agnes Anderson lived with the Munro family in Ardgay

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