The Parish Church, Nigg

The Parish Church, Nigg

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Churches / People

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The man sitting in the churchyard of Nigg Parish Church was a beadle called Jasper Vass. He is supposed to be pointing to what was known as the "Cholera Stone" marking the spot where the cholera was caught in a sheet and buried.

Cat No. 121
Year 1900
Albums Churches / People
Date added July 19th, 2004
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    Wilmer Fawcett

    If this is the Old Nigg Church, I believe there is a gravestone marked JF KM 1830, James Fraser, and next to it a gravestone to Margaret Gallie (1881) and John Fraser (1902). If anyone knows any information about this family, I'd be very grateful to hear from you.

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    Can anyone advise if there is a James Grant Christie buried here, or any Christie's?

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    Estelle Quick

    The monumental inscriptions at Nigg and several of the other local graveyards are online at Access costs £2.50 for 24 hours.

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