Aerial view of west end of Tain, c1940

Aerial view of west end of Tain, c1940

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

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This Amiralty aerial photograph shows some of the houses on the south side of Manse Street under construction. St Andrews Church and manse can be clearly seen in the centre with what is now Moss Road (known in earlier times as the Hill Road) stretching away up the hill to the southwest.

Cat No. 132.3
Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added July 19th, 2004
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    I have been looking through all your pictures of Tain and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was wondering though as to why there were no pictures of Mansfield estate either already been built or even under construction, is there a reason for this? Perhaps it is because the good folk of Tain are embarrassed by it ? hopefully not.

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    David Robertson

    Mansfield Estate is difficult for navigation. My daughter Morag (aged about 14) boasted that no matter where she was put in the estate she would be able to find her way out! sezzitall dunnit !

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    Margaret Urquhart

    The answer to the first comment is that as this is a museum site we mainly use images from the museum's photo collection which are mainly from past times. It so happens we have no images of the Mansfield Estate in the collection at present. If anyone wishes to send any in we will post them depending on their merit. After all today's present will some time be the past.

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    Yvonne Urquhart

    I remember Mansfield estate being built ( what a wonderful playground that was). I grew up in Viewhill crescent which was directly opposite. Also Craighill Primary went off with another considerable chunk of our open space, not long afterwards. Morag Robertson at the age of 14 was my very best friend. (Above comment) We knew every inch of Tain.

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