Aerial View of central Tain, c1940

Aerial View of central Tain, c1940

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

Photo Description

In this Admiralty aerial photograph, the Royal Hotel (in the centre) and the Parish Church (left centre) can easily be identified and the rest can be worked out from these.

Cat No. 132.4
Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added July 19th, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Doug Will

    Is that Craighill Terrace the row of houses top left

  • image description

    Margaret Urquhart, Tain & District Museum

    Yes Doug, that is Craighill Terrace. As you can see only one side has houses and the "Glebe" area is just in the process of being built.

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