Culpleasant House

Culpleasant House

Year: 1980 | Included in Albums: Places

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Culpleasant House was situated about 1.5 miles west of Quebec Bridge and belonged to one of the many estates set up on land feued out by the Burgh of Tain in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Much of this land eventually was sold to the Forestry Commission. Although reduced to this ruin when this picture was taken in 1980, it was still visible. Parts of the ruins still remain but are now completely obscured by trees.

Cat No. 246
Year 1980
Albums Places
Date added July 23rd, 2004
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    Dave Whyte

    I lived in culpleasant house 1946-1949. Not much to look at now, but I can still see the complete building in my minds eye. In the winter of 1947 I was unable to get to school for seven weeks because of the snow. Hard times!

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    Ricus Dullaert

    Dear...... I bought a mul-horn with silver mounts with the inscription Hugh McIntyre of Culpleasant. 1796-1881. Could this person have lived on the mentioned house.? Kindest regards Ricus Dullaert

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain & District Museum

    I haven't got the documents to hand at the moment but I am certain I have come across Hugh McIntyre's name mentioned as proprietor of Culpleasant in which case he may have lived in the house. I say only "may" because proprietors often owned land in more than one area. However, I think in his case it is highly likely that the Culpleasant Estate his main or only property and that he lived in Culpleasant house..

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    Niall Harkiss

    I have information on a Mr Robert Graeme of Culpleasant referenced as the owner of the Culpleasant Estate during the 1880s. Attendants at a function at the estate were said to have "drove" to the estate from Tain. Whereabouts is this exactly? I'm not sure what became of Mr Graeme however.

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    Katharine Broome

    Whilst researching my 2 x gt aunt Katharine Gallie born in Tain in 1788, I found that her grand daughter, Harriet, was living at Culpleasant House at the time of the 1901 census. Katharine married Harry Corbet. Their son Andrew born 1804 had a daughter Harriet born in 1848 who married in 1869 George Munro born in Bonar c1834 and died c1912.

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