Edderton Station

Edderton Station

Year: 1954 | Included in Albums: Places / Transport and Communications

Photo Description

This Post Card of Edderton Station is postmarked Aug 1964 (or perhaps 1954 as it is not very clear). It is addressed to "Nurse Margaret Urquhart, Royal Northern Infirmary, Inverness" and signed "Elspeth". Balblair Distillery can be seen in the background.

Cat No. 301.1
Year 1954
Albums Places / Transport and Communications
Date added July 23rd, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    David Brown

    Edderton Station closed on 13 June 1960. As the nameboards are still up, the station has a cared-for appearance and a manufacturer would be unlikely to make postcards of a closed station, it is more likely to have been posted in 1954 than 1964. Even if it had been lying around for years before being posted, the photograph has been taken no later than 1960 and the 1964 caption is misleading. I'd suggest redating this entry to 1954.

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    Jean Paton née Duncan

    My uncle Roy Macdonald, was Station-master there for a while and I used to spend part of my school holidays there with Aunt Peggy and cousins Netta and David. I was very young and thought I was miles away in another world. I always looked forward to visiting the station. The moved to Ardgay Station but it wasn't the same.

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    Shelagh Mcintyre

    My grandfather Hugh Taylor was station master in Edderton in the 1930, s my mum Margaret (margot)Taylor spent her early childhood very happily in Edderton .I have great memories of visiting Edderton as a child in the sixties

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    Jean Paton

    Since I was born in 1947 and, as I've said in my previous comment, I stayed there as a youngster, I'd agree with David that the photo is postmarked 1954. in 1964, I was heading off to university.

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    Margaret Kirk

    Wow. So, this is a long shot, but if Jean Paton still visits this page occasionally, Roy MacDonald was my grandfather! Would love to get in touch - I'm on Facebook as Margaret Kirk, Twitter as @HighlandWriter.

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