Presentation on retirement to Tessie MacLean

Presentation on retirement to Tessie MacLean

Year: 1947 | Included in Albums: Businesses / Occasions / People

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We do not have the exact date of when this presentation took place in the Royal Hotel but it was while David Geekie was Provost so between 1945-49. The presence of Alastair Macdonald Proprietor) and Douglas Walker (Manager) suggests she was retiring from Tain Laundry. L to R - Alf Gray, Minnie Gallie, Douglas Walker, Alastair W Macdonald, Mrs Macdonald, C MacLean (Tessie), Provost Geekie, June Geekie (later to become Mrs Douglas Walker), Mrs Geekie.

Cat No. 308
Year 1947
Albums Businesses / Occasions / People
Date added August 18th, 2004
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