Manse Street, early 1900's?

Manse Street, early 1900's?

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Churches / Places

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This view of the far end of Manse Street shows a fenced field on the leftWith St Andrews Church beyond. This field is now part of the "Glebe" housing area comprising Glebe Crescent, Manse Crescent and St Andrews Road. On the right, the nearest building is Rose Place. The thatched house just beyond it is supposed to have been renovated by a Jack MacGill.

Cat No. 574.9
Year 1900
Albums Churches / Places
Date added February 23rd, 2005
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    I am particulary interested as my grandparents Mr/Mrs John Clark lived at a manse called Glebe Manse Tain This was mid fifties I think, I remember it well it was a large house with shingles all over the front part of garden.I was around 5 at the time, my sister and me used to go for our holidays and stay for weeks I would love to find out more.

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