Planting King Edward VII's Coronation Tree

Planting King Edward VII's Coronation Tree

Year: 1902 | Included in Albums: Occasions / People

Photo Description

This picture was taken during a ceremony of planting a tree to commemorate King Edward VII's Coronation in the park below the churchyard. It shows a town council group (which includes A Ross; Provost Fowler; Baillie Gallie; Wm Ross; A MacDuff ross; Baillie Wallace) watched by a substantial crowd. This is a scene which is completely changed. The park is now overshadowed by trees and bushes and the thatched buildings in the background together with the building whose gable shows on the right hand side with its fine wall and arched gateway have all disappeared.

Cat No. 578.1
Year 1902
Albums Occasions / People
Date added April 7th, 2005
Added by Tain & District Museum

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