Balnagown Staff c1900

Balnagown Staff c1900

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Clan Ross / People

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This William Smith photograph of members of the Balnagown staff in the service of Sir Charles Lockhart Ross shows, on the left, a Mr Calder and, seated, the butler, James Allan. Also included is a Mr Munro (to the butler's left?) who is reputed to have later been murdered in America.

Cat No. 711.1
Year 1900
Albums Clan Ross / People
Date added April 7th, 2005
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    Peter A Ross

    My Grandfather A ( That is his correct initial I believe, he died way before I was born) Ross was the estate carpenter and undertaker at that time who eventually left the Balnagown to set up his own successful building business in 'Moss View' Tain. He built an ocean going yacht for Sir Charles called the 'Lady Patricia' according to my dad Andrew 'Tim' Ross.

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    Arthur Mee

    The butler, James Allan was my grandfather. My mother Jane Elizabeth Allan had this picture in her album and I remember it well. It is nice for me to be able to get a copy and pass on to my children. Thank you.

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    Melinda Aston

    The Butler, James Allan was my Great-Great Grandfather. Thank you for posting the picture, as we do not have a lot of family pictures of the Allan side.

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    William [Bill] Luxton

    My name is William Luxton living in Ottawa, Canada. I too am a grandson of James Allan. My mother was Rebecca Sophia Luxton (nee Allan) who was born in 1890 and often told me stories of growing up at Balnagown . Whe also went into "service" and became the Lady in Waiting for Lady Bessborough . Thank you for the picture and the memories .

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    Dorothy Defalco

    My name is Dorothy Defalco living in Ottawa, Canada. I now know that I am the great granddaughter of James Allan. My grandmother Katherine D`Aoust (nee Allan) was the daughter of James Allan and the sister of Rebecca Sophia Luxton.

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    Robert D'Aoust

    My name is Robert D'Aoust living in Ottawa, Canada. I am the great grandson of James Allan. My father Edward D'Aoust is the son of Katherine D'Aoust daughter of James Allan.

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