Town cottage

Town cottage

Year: 1970 | Included in Albums: Places

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Relatively recent photo of a cottage with an Easter Ross look. But where is it?

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Year 1970
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Date added April 19th, 2005
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    Roddy Matheson

    think this could be tain remember something from my school days

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    Susan Taylor

    This reminds me of one of the houses between the railway station (to the left) and the links (to the right). Could be...

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    David Bremner

    This house was in Invergordon. Behind the house would lie the north east end of Clyde Street. To the right of the house is the old 'Bone Mill' and the Attic Window visible behind the 'rusty roof' is on a south facing house on the High Street, possibly the first house on the high street after the Royal Hotel. I must go into Invergordon soon and check it out. If I'm right the house no longer stands and is now the site for the Natal Garden.

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    Doug Will

    you're right about the house being in invergordon David The house on the high Street was occupied by the McLeods and is next door to the royal hotel

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    This is definatley Invergordon and is either the house now occupied by Mr & Mrs Forsyth (beside the carpark at the rear of Albyn Housing) or the one that was demolished where the Natal Garden is located, not quite sure which!!

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    Harry O'neill

    David is correct re this house Jillian, the house occupied by Willie Forsythe and Maude is behind on Clyde St. Wasn't this the Andrews family home?

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    Lilian Boon (nee Andrews)

    This was my family home that we all loved, Ness Cottage Invergordon, it was sadly demolished some time ago, there is now a tree planted in the Natal Gardens and a commemorating plaque. Lilian Boon (nee Andrews) My Father James Andrews worked in Taylors garage. My sisters and brothers. Eileen is in Dingwall, Gordon in Inverness, Jet and I in london, and Jimmy in Wales. But we still have very fond memories of Ness Cottage, even though were in our eighties awe come to Invergordon regulary to see my daughter Ann who lives at Tomich.

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    Caroline Robb

    It was Ness Cottage, on Clyde Street in Invergordon. Harry is right, it was the Andrews family home for very many years until our grandad Jim Andrews died and the house was eventually demolished for the Natal garden. It was a lovely, happy house, and the family were very sorry to see it go. Word has it that it was the original Customs house.

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